A marriage conference designed to bring fruitfulness to your relationships.

April 17th-18th
















Forever. And Fruitful.

Despite the dysfunction and distress in today’s society, this has always been God’s blueprint for marriage.
And that is the heart of ForeverFruitful . . . to go back to the heart of the Father when He first spoke marital directions to Adam and Eve.
Three commands. Two Days. One Purpose: To make your marriage the fruitful convenant God originally designed.
Conference Theme: Fruitful
During this talk, we will examine the absolute bedrocks of a fruitful marriage: Husbands loving their wives, and wives respecting their husbands. While that sounds simplistic, most couples miss this core teaching, therefore starting their very foundation on shaky ground.

Our teaching will come from Eph. 5:21-33.

Conference Theme: Multiply

For this topic, we will dive right into sexual intimacy and help couples appreciate the beauty and design of sex in marriage.  God made sex and He made the parts to fit.  We will candidly and gently deal with the topic that the Church has shied away from for far too many years.

Our teaching will come from 1 Cor. 7:1-5.

Conference Theme: Authority

We will wrap up the ForeverFruitful experience by exploring the authority God has given man and wife. Taking Biblical authority in all areas of their lives allows couples to strengthen their covenant and also leave a heritage of a Godly marriage for their children and grandchildren.

Our teaching will come from Deuteronomy 11:18-21.

Conference Leaders

Get to know those who will make your marriage forever and fruitful.

Pastor Tim and Pam Johnson

Keynote Speakers

“We want you to have the second-best marriage on the planet . . . you can’t have the first since it’s already taken!”

That’s not always been the case, but after 25 years of marriage, prayer and hard work, Pam and Tim Johnson can boast in the Lord for what He has done with their covenant. Pam and Tim live in Corydon, Ind., where they have pastored Pfrimmer’s Chapel UMC for the last 12 years. Pam works with high school students who are needing credits to graduate, so she knows a thing or two about motivation. Tim has been a pastor for 19 years so he knows a thing or two about dedication.  And both are key attributes in a strong marriage.

They have three incredibly anointed children: a son, Taylor, 26; a daughter, Merritt, 23; and another daughter, Olivia, 20.  They added daughter-in-law, Colleen, in October of 2016.  And they have a small pony (otherwise known as a Great Dane) named Meshach.

    Michael and Christen Ball

    Worship Leaders

    Christen Ball is a worship leader, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist devoted to ushering people into God’s presence through music and inspiring creativity and freedom in songwriting and worship. Her husband, Michael, a live and session musician and speaker, plays drums in her band. Christen, along with Michael on drums, lead worship for all ages at conferences, retreats, and special events throughout the US, as well as internationally. Christen and Michael are currently in the studio recording a new worship EP, “Friendship,” — a collection of songs birthed out of friendship with the Lord and friendship with church family. The first three singles from this project are available now. In every song Christen sings or writes, and in every word Michael speaks and every rhythm he plays, they long for people to experience the great love the Heavenly Father, and step into their calling as children of God. Christen and Michael are members of and serve at the Gate Community Church in Franklin, TN. You can find out more about their worship ministry at


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      See what respected members of the Christian community have to say about ForeverFruitful.
      Pam and Tim Johnson are the most loving and compassionate couple I have ever met.  They are both on fire for God.  Their ministry to the Pfrimmer’s Chapel community, family, friends, and  each other is a testimony to all that God can do, and will do, if we submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit and follow the plan God intended for marriages.  Their journey has not been an easy one, and they still have struggles and challenges, but through their lives and the leading of the Holy Spirit, I know this event will change your marriage in ways you never thought possible.
      On behalf of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries, I am pleased to partner with Pam and Tim for this ministry called ForeverFruitful.  I encourage you to sign up today, and allow the Holy Spirit to encourage you and your spouse to have a Forever Fruitful marriage – the way God intended!
      Mark BarrowAldersgate Renewal Ministries
      In a day when traditional marriage is being challenged from secular, government and even religious forces, we need to give it more attention than ever. Tim and Pam Johnson are taking the lead in responding to what is really a crisis. Their retreat, ForeverFruitful, is a practical and inspiring resource. Rooted in Scripture, these brief hours of focus will renew marriages; provide experience and resources to save failing ones
      Maxie DunnamAsbury Theological Seminary
      In a day where marriages continue to struggle, it is refreshing to see a clergy couple such as Pam and Tim Johnson be willing to share their experiences in order to bring much needed hope and restoration.  They will explore, with grace and humor, the Biblical principles that have helped them build a strong covenant of 25 years.  I would highly recommend this time of renewal for both those single and married.
      Bishop Mike CoynerUnited Methodist Church

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      Join Michael and Christen Ball in an anointed time of worship that will prepare your heart for the teaching ahead.

      Michael and Christen Ball

      Pastor Tim and Pam will take the stage to begin their first session of the conference. They'll be speaking on the command, "Be Fruitful."

      Pastor Tim and Pam
      9:15 AM
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      Michael and Christen Ball

      The morning kicks off with a teaching session focused on the theme "Multiply."

      Pastor Tim and Pam
      1 PM
      Michael and Christen Ball

      Burn off your lunch by getting on your feet and joining in corporate worship one last time with Michael and Christen.

      Michael and Christen Ball

      Take out your notebooks once again and get ready for the last teaching session which will be focused on "Authority."

      Pastor Tim and Pam

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